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Google’s G Suite Twitter account is the latest to get hacked in bitcoin scam

Google’s official G Suite Twitter account is the latest victim of an ongoing bitcoin scam that has been plaguing the social media platform for the last few weeks, joining companies like Target (which saw a similar hack this morning), via The Next Web.

G Suite might be the highest-profile target of the scam yet, which saw fake, promoted tweets that appeared to originate from the G Suite account pop up in users’ timelines this afternoon, directing them toward a scammy bitcoin address as part of a “giveaway.”

Earlier this afternoon, Twitter released a statement to The Verge regarding the Target hack, commenting that the company has improved how it handles cryptocurrency scams, and that it intends to continue to invest in tools to better handle spam in the future. Additionally, at the time that the Target hack was discovered, Twitter found several other accounts that had been compromised — one of which may have been the G Suite account, although Twitter has yet to clarify — and it’s working to take action.

Still, if the G Suite hack coming just hours after the Target incident is any indication, chances are this bitcoin scam issue is only going to get worse before it gets better.

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