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HaiPai X710D – A Chinese Android Cell Phone

With advancements in technology every now and then, dual-core is the new trend. Since many mobile phones are now expected to act as personal computers and fulfill business needs, it has become highly essential for operating systems to be highly efficient. The most modern technology in this regard is a dual-core processor in mobile phones, which is the new demand not only by professional but informal users. A new cell phone catering to this demand efficiently is the HaiPai X710D Android phone. Having newly entered the era of dual-core, the phone has marked its place due to its highly useful features in a lesser price than other phones available in the market.

Appearance-wise, HaiPai X710D is similar to the outlook of HTC EVO 4G. It does not only have a 5.3-inches touch screen but also operates on the Android system, thus standing in line with expensive devices like HTC. With a slim body and flat surface, the outlook of the phone is highly classy. The screen is multi-touch with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. A color density of 16 million colors makes the display dazzling and refined. With a textured back cover and elegantly rounded corners, the phone is easy to handle and fun to use. With a thickness of 12mm, the device is pleasant to hold and to carry.

Perfect exterior, however, is not all that this Android phone carries. Operating it is a 512 RAM and a 3G network. The phone supports WIFI and Bluetooth, thus making connectivity convenient. It also includes a dual camera, with the front camera having an amazing 2.0 megapixels, which is higher compared to other phones. The back camera is an 8.0 megapixels one, allowing you to take pictures of the quality of a digital camera. The phone supports several audio formats including MP3 and AVI while MP4 and MPEG are two of the several supported formats for videos. The phone also includes remarkable features like a gravity sensor and supports several amazing Android applications you can make use of.

Apart from these features, a great thing about this Android phone is that it is versatile. Several languages are supported by it, including Turkish, Russian, Portuguese, German and what not. This means that you can customize your phone according to your needs and thus make it perfect for your personal usage. Extra accessories with the phone include a Li-ion battery, a USB cable, a charger and an original pair of earphones. You can make use of the amazing phone as well these remarkable accessories for just $192 approximately. This is a bargain when compared to similar phones on the market, like HTC, which are not available for less than $400. With even better features and a highly affordable price, HaiPai X710D is the perfect phone you can treat yourself with. You can review the phone in detail here.

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