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Ikea’s 25-minute ASMR commercial is the most satisfying way to shop for furniture

Put on your headphones and get ready to take a 25-minute ride to chill town, because the newest player in the YouTube ASMR genre is here: Ikea.

Ikea’s latest ads are part of a campaign called “Oddly Ikea,” created to highlight back-to-school items for college dorms like duvets and lamps. Close your eyes and listen to a soothing (and slightly creepy) woman’s voice telling you all about the SKUBB closet organizer as she gently caresses its shelving units. Listen to her nails grazing the grooves of the JANSJÖ desk lamp as she coos at you about the 25,000 hours of light its LEDs provide, for only $12.99 at your local Ikea.

ASMR is sometimes described as “head orgasms” or the tingly, relaxing sensation that can be triggered by soft voices or ambient sounds. The sensory experience has gained popularity on YouTube, which is filled with whispering videos and hands kneading slime (a personal favorite). Type “ASMR” into the YouTube search box and it autofills to mundane activities like “sleep,” “tapping,” and “eating,” all of which are conveniently bases that can be covered with Ikea products.

If you can’t love yourself enough to allot just 25 minutes of self-care, there are five more of these videos in more bite-sized portions on their YouTube channel.

The company is planning on adding more ASMR videos weekly until September 5th, at which point all the college kids should be settled into their Ikea-furnished dorm rooms nicely. Kids, if you’re going to college this fall, let us know if your roommates end up caressing their duvets the way this lady does in the commercials.

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