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Missing couple discovered 75 years later in a melting Swiss glacier

Seventy-five years ago, a Swiss couple disappeared in the Alps after going to feed their cows. Their bodies were recently found in a melting glacier, “perfectly preserved” in World War II clothing, complete with identification papers.

The couple — Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin — lived near Chandolin in southwest Switzerland. They were 40 and 37, respectively, on the day they went missing. The couple had five sons and two daughters.

Their youngest child is Marceline Udry-Dumoulin, who is now 79. She told Le Matin, a Swiss newspaper, that the kids “spent our whole lives looking for them, without stopping.” After the disappearance, the children were split up and “became strangers,” Udry-Dumoulin added, but they continued to hope that their parents would be found.

According to Udry-Dumoulin, the day that her parents disappeared was the first time their mother had gone to help milk the cows. “She was always pregnant and couldn’t climb in the difficult conditions of a glacier,” she said. Most likely, the two had fallen into a crevasse, say local authorities. According to Le Matin, these types of discoveries are becoming more common as the glaciers melt.

“I can say that after 75 years of waiting this news gives me a deep sense of calm,” says Udry-Dumoulin. “For the funeral, I won’t wear black. I think that white would be more appropriate. It represents hope, which I never lost.”

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