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Oppo shows off its own foldable phone

Perhaps spurred on by the hype surrounding Samsung’s Galaxy Fold and Huawei’s Mate X, Oppo VP Brian Shen has revealed images of his company’s own take on a foldable phone. Shen makes it clear in his Weibo post that Oppo isn’t yet planning to ship the prototype device unless it sees a lot of demand, but the pictures show that the company is leaning towards Huawei’s design more than Samsung’s.

That’s to say there’s a single large OLED panel that wraps around both sides of the phone when it’s folded, rather than being folded away on the inside. There’s also a thicker bar on one side that houses cameras and other components.

Whether Oppo decides to ship this phone or not, it’s clear that we’re approaching the point where similar phones become relatively commonplace. Sure, Samsung and Huawei can charge $2,000 and up for their first flagship foldables as halo devices. But the tech is out of the bag now, and you can expect a lot more to come soon from Chinese makers in particular.

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