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Review: Turtle Beach Ear Force Stealth 700 (PS4/Xbox One)

You may think your wired gaming headset is already sort of wireless. It likely plugs right into the audio jack on your console’s controller. But there is a new level of freedom you can attain. Fully wireless gaming headsets are liberating, and Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Stealth 700 (for Xbox One or PlayStation 4) is one of the better mid-range options out there.

They connect straight to their respective consoles via wireless (a USB dongle is required on PS4, while the Xbox version uses Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless protocol) and just work. Wearing this headset, you can grab a snack from the pantry, brew more coffee for a late night gaming session, let the dog out, or do just about anything around the house without leaving your chat. The easy flip-up microphone also auto mutes when it’s not in the forward position—meaning you won’t drive your buddies nuts if you need to chat with your significant other.

The Stealth 700s have less padding on the headband than the cheaper Turtle Beach Stealth 600 series, but their synthetic leather ear cushions feel snugger and cooler during long gaming sessions. Those with glasses should still be alright, but may prefer the puffier looser-fitting 600s. The cups and headband are made of black plastic and look like standard gaming kit, complete with a blue or green accent of plastic to match your console allegiance.