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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: A Nearly-Perfect Phablet

Samsung’s Galaxy Note has been the best big phone since the beginning of big phones. While some of us crowed about how silly we looked holding it up to our faces, millions of people found they liked using a stylus, appreciated the bigger battery, and enjoyed all that extra screen space. The Note’s grown in size and popularity with every model; there are millions of Note People now, and they love their monstrous slabs of smartphone.

There was one small blip along the Note’s journey—OK, more like one huge epic disaster. The Note 7 had an inconvenient tendency to catch fire. Samsung spent the last year trying to rehabilitate its image, and make sure its phones never exploded again. That may explain why, even though the Note 8 is Samsung’s largest and most powerful Note to date, it has almost nothing you’ve never seen before. Samsung had bigger things to worry about.