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Spotify Stations comes to iOS, remains exclusive to Australia

More than one year after Spotify Stations was quietly released on Android in Australia, Spotify has brought the app to iOS. TechCrunch reports that the playlist-focused app is still only available in Australia, where Spotify is treating it as another “test” that the company routinely conducts. Spotify declined to comment on its future plans for the service.

Spotify Stations differs from the main Spotify app in that it exclusively uses playlists rather than letting you choose to play music from specific albums or artists. You pick from the available playlists using the app’s minimalist interface, or you can create your own by picking out your favorite artists from a list. Playlists also become personalized to you over time.

The app is available to both free and paid Spotify subscribers. If you pay, then you’ll get an ad-free experience, and you’ll also be able to skip tracks. Free users are only able to give each track a thumbs up or thumbs down, with no option to skip.

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