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Apple iPhone First Generation

Apple iPhone First Generation is a versatile phone with best combination of camera, music player and web browser. It is designed with sleek touch screen with intuitive user interface facility. It comes with 3.5 inch display screen enriched with touch sensitivity that could be realised when you flip through the …

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HaiPai X710D – A Chinese Android Cell Phone

With advancements in technology every now and then, dual-core is the new trend. Since many mobile phones are now expected to act as personal computers and fulfill business needs, it has become highly essential for operating systems to be highly efficient. The most modern technology in this regard is a …

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Google Android Smartphone – HTC Hero

HTC Hero is a beautifully designed and extremely stylish handset which comes with a large sized 3.2 pixels TFT touch sensitive display screen that shows excellent quality picture. The screen features a fairly good resolution of 320 x 480 pixels with the display of 65K colors with perfect contrast and …

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Nokia Lumia 800 – Windows Based Smartphone

The Nokia Lumia 800 has been introduced as the first Windows based Smartphone and is designed based on the lines of NOkiaN9. Specialty of the Nokia Lumia 800 is the apps like Nokia Drive, Nokia music, Nokia maps and Nokia store. The mobile price in India is a bit high …

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Advanced Task Manager for Android Phones

If you are going to download a task manager for your Android phone,Advanced Task Manager would be your best choice. It is a very useful and convenient app that allows you to manage currently running programs in an efficient manner. Everyone knows that a lot of apps running in the …

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Samsung Blackjack II Review

After getting my Blackjack II for Christmas last year, I feel like I have enough experience with it to write a good review about it, and it’s not gonna be pretty. The main reason I wanted the Blackjack was because I didn’t want to look like some rich kid using …

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