Milky Way-like galaxy found in deep space puzzles astronomers

News Aug 12, 2020

SPT0418-47 is gravitationally-lensed by another galaxy, giving it an evil Eye of Sauron look to our telescopes. ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO)/Rizzo et al. Twelve billion years ago, when all of space was just a fledgling baby universe, a young galaxy reminiscent... Read more

Microsoft Duo: Price, Details, Release Date

News Aug 12, 2020

“The context of these kinds of devices has changed,” says Ben Arnold, consumer technology... Read more

Gong raises $200 million to surface sales insights with AI

News Aug 12, 2020, a startup providing an “intelligence platform” for enterprise sales teams, today nabbed $200... Read more

How social justice slideshows made by activists took over Instagram

News Aug 12, 2020

In 1971, to the backdrop of a funky jazz rhythm, musician and poet Gil... Read more

0days, a failed patch, and a backdoor threat. Update Tuesday highlights

News Aug 12, 2020

Microsoft on Tuesday patched 120 vulnerabilities, two that are notable because they’re under active... Read more