Exclusive: Voltron Data brings new power to AI with Theseus distributed query engine
Are you ready to bring more awareness to your brand? Consider becoming a sponsor for The AI Impact Tour. Learn more about the opportunities here. The fictional Voltron robot (from the animated science fiction show of the same name) is all about combining several robot lions into one big... Read more
Report: Apple and Goldman Sachs are breaking up over money-losing Apple Card
Apple Apple has repeatedly trumpeted the success of its financial services, a product lineup that now encompasses the Apple Card credit card, high-interest savings accounts, and a buy-now-pay-later service called Apple Pay Later. But even if those products have proven reasonably popular with consumers, they haven’t been working out... Read more
Israel combats militant financing via cryptocurrency
Israel has been actively fighting against the financing of Iran-supported militant groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. A new aspect of this continuous battle is the rising popularity of the cryptocurrency network, Tron. Financial crime experts and blockchain research specialists state that Tron has overtaken Bitcoin as the favored platform for... Read more
I Visited Hyundai’s AI-powered Robo-Factory That Builds AI-Powered Robotaxis
The rise of and transition to electrification is changing the way we think about designing, driving and refueling (or bidirectionally recharging) our cars. But for automakers such as the Hyundai Motor Group, there’s another reimagination happening at the manufacturing stage with the potential to reshape the way cars will... Read more
Elon Musk Just Told Advertisers, ‘Go Fuck Yourself’
Elon Musk says that advertisers fleeing X after his endorsement of an antisemitic post could “kill” the platform formerly known as Twitter. And he has a simple message for those companies, which include Disney, Apple, and IBM: “Go fuck yourself.” Musk, speaking Wednesday night at the New York Times’... Read more
Bitmagic launches public test for AI-based tool to create games with text prompts
Are you looking to showcase your brand in front of the brightest minds of the gaming industry? Consider getting a custom GamesBeat sponsorship. Learn more. Bitmagic today announced that its generative AI -based game development platform is now available for public access via a closed alpha program. The platform lets... Read more
2 municipal water facilities report falling to hackers in separate breaches
Getty Images In the stretch of a few days, two municipal water facilities that serve more than 2 million residents in parts of Pennsylvania and Texas have reported network security breaches that have hamstrung parts of their business or operational processes. In response to one of the attacks, the... Read more
ETFs Offer Tax-Efficient Alternative to Mutual Funds
People often look for ways to save money and secure their financial future. One key aspect of this goal is minimizing unnecessary taxes. With a multitude of investment options available, it’s essential to choose wisely when deciding between mutual funds and ETFs inside a taxable investment account. Let’s explore... Read more
Braun All-in-One Style Kit     – CNET
Beard & body trimmer. Source link Read more
OpenAI names new board with Microsoft as non-voting partner
Are you ready to bring more awareness to your brand? Consider becoming a sponsor for The AI Impact Tour. Learn more about the opportunities here. OpenAI, the AI startup behind the groundbreaking ChatGPT, has announced its new official board of directors after two weeks of turmoil in which it... Read more