OpenAI releases Triton, a programming language for AI workload optimization
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. OpenAI today released Triton, an open source, Python-like programming language that enables researchers to write highly efficient GPU code for AI workloads. Triton makes it possible to reach peak hardware performance with relatively little effort, OpenAI claims,... Read more
5 Tips to Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts
Digital marketing is an ever-growing part of business success. According to Statista, in February 2020, U.S. marketing executives were devoting a whopping 13.2% of their company’s revenue toward marketing budgets. The allotted budget spend was up from an average of 7% to 10% in previous years. The statistics website... Read more
The earliest animal ever discovered? 890 million-year-old sponge could rewrite history
Over two decades ago, Elizabeth Turner embarked on a journey, by helicopter, to the Mackenzie Mountains, a sweeping range tucked away in a remote part of northwestern Canada. The mountains offer a window into the ancient past: They contain the geological remnants of an ancient reef system, built by... Read more
How Nothing Designed ‘Ear 1s’ to Beat Apple AirPods
Thomas Howard: When we first started to think about Nothing, there was this idea to ‘own’ transparency. We’re not going to win the tech race, that’s for sure. But if we want to even have a chance, we need to get really good at engineering. So let’s just do... Read more
Cindi Howson on tackling microaggressions, fraught conversations, and more
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. VentureBeat is committed to a world where the AI is ethical, diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords, and leaders in the AI space who are working to make that happen get a spotlight. As part of that,... Read more
Haron and BlackMatter are the latest groups to crash the ransomware party
Getty Images July has so far ushered in at least two new ransomware groups. Or maybe they’re old ones undergoing a rebranding. Researchers are in the process of running down several different theories. Both groups say they are aiming for big-game targets, meaning corporations or other large businesses with... Read more
Simone Biles pulls out of second Tokyo Olympics event
Simone Biles is one of the best gymnasts the world has ever witnessed. Jamie Squire/Getty Simone Biles shocked the sporting world when she pulled out of Tuesday’s women’s gymnastics team all-around final at the Tokyo Olympics, seeking to protect her mental health. On Wednesday it was announced Biles would... Read more
Virtual Reality Is the Rich White Kid of Technology
It has been seven years since Palmer Luckey appeared on the cover of WIRED magazine. The June 2014 issue declared, “This kid is about to change gaming, movies, TV, music, design, medicine, sex, sports, art, travel, social network, education—and reality.” In 2016, Facebook acquired his virtual reality company, Oculus,... Read more
Fugue: 36% of organizations have suffered a serious cloud leak or breach in the last year
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. A survey of 300 cloud engineering professionals found that 36% of organizations suffered a serious cloud security data leak or a breach in the past 12 months. Eight out of ten are concerned they’re vulnerable to a... Read more
The Zeno Gym – Just Right Even for the Health Nuts
I got the Zeno Gym a little over a month ago. Man, is it tough — but I’m a little older. Then my little brother tried it out and loved it — he has consistently lifted weights several times a week at a gym for years. Then — my... Read more