New bank-fraud malware called Vultur infects thousands of devices
Recently detected Android malware, some spread through the Google Play Store, uses a novel way to supercharge the harvesting of login credentials from more than 100 banking and cryptocurrency applications. The malware, which researchers from Amsterdam-based security firm ThreatFabric are calling Vultur, is among the first Android threats to record... Read more
Netflix: The 53 best TV shows to watch tonight
Catch season 2 of Outer Banks now. Netflix A few more-than-decent shows hit Netflix this week. Monday kicks off with season 10 of The Walking Dead. If you’ve survived this long watching the zombie series, you may as well keep going till season 11, which will be the show’s... Read more
‘Neuromancer’ Is Still Mind-Blowing Cyberpunk
William Gibson published his classic novel Neuromancer almost 40 years ago, but it still feels fresh today. Science fiction author Matthew Kressel has been a fan of the book ever since reading it back in 1987. “When I first read Neuromancer, everything I had read before that was golden... Read more
Why The Artful Escape took six years to craft
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. The Artful Escape is coming on September 9 for the Xbox and the PC. And for Johnny Galvatron, the creator of the game, that date has been a long time coming. The leader of Beethoven & Dinosaur... Read more
Bitcoin-based scams mean the federal government now needs a crypto bank
Due to a surge of cryptocurrency-fueled crimes, federal law enforcement is seizing a lot of bitcoin. Now the US government is figuring out what to do with all of it. This week, a small platform for safekeeping cryptocurrency called Anchorage Digital announced it had won a contract from the... Read more
Software downloaded 30,000 times from PyPI ransacked developers’ machines
Open source packages downloaded an estimated 30,000 times from the PyPI open source repository contained malicious code that surreptitiously stole credit card data and login credentials and injected malicious code on infected machines, researchers said on Thursday. In a post, researchers Andrey Polkovnichenko, Omer Kaspi, and Shachar Menashe of... Read more
Refi rates on July 30, 2021: Rate ticks higher
Jim Lane/Getty In general, refinance rates for mortgage were varied with one notable rate advancing. The average rate nationwide for a 15-year fixed refinance decreased, while 30-year fixed-rate refinances saw growth. At the same time, average rates for 10-year fixed refinances were stable. Refinance interest rates are never set... Read more
Dogs, Unlike Wolves, Are Born to Communicate With People
Earlier this year, researchers found new support for this second idea when they measured the extent to which the ability to follow pointing gestures runs in dog families. Puppies who were more closely related to each other scored more similarly on the pointing test, which indicates that their scores... Read more
Marketing automation is key to reducing workloads, Zapier says
All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. From calendar events to email management, automation plays a major role in workflows across industries. A little more than half of marketers used automation in team communication, according to a recent poll by Zapier. About 42% of... Read more
Best Chromebook 2021: 8 best Chromebooks starting under $300
A Chromebook is a solid choice if you live your life on the web and don’t need to install Windows or Mac software. Chromebooks, which are a combination of laptop and two-in-one that run on Google’s web browser-based Chrome operating system, may seem like they popped up out of nowhere in the past couple of... Read more