Apple outlined plans to increase consumer data privacy at WWDC
Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. (Reuters) — Apple, facing accusations from rivals that it has too much control over its App Store, on Monday outlined plans to increase user privacy and keep consumer data out of other companies’ hands, laying out features including expanded... Read more
Snapchat pays Spotlight creators money to post, but that might not last for long.
Caren Babaknia has a lot of silly videos saved on Snapchat. Since high school, the 24-year-old has stored thousands of random, short clips under his Memories tab. He never thought they would be viewed by anyone or worth anything. That changed last November when Snapchat launched Spotlight, a TikTok-like... Read more
Summer Game Fest Kickoff Live: Start time, how to watch online and what to expect
Summer Game Fest officially kicks off on June 10. The Game Awards Summer Game Fest 2021 Kick-Off Live, the event that’s unofficially kickstarting E3, is almost upon us. After launching last year to plug the huge gap left after E3 2020’s cancellation, Summer Game Fest is back promising huge game announcements... Read more
The Case for Putting Down the Video Game Controller
During the past 15 or so months, video games have emerged as a sanctuary for many people. Amidst the Covid-19 lockdowns—and in the absence of mental and emotional outlets like hanging out indoors with friends—games got people through a lot of stressful times. But now, in many parts of... Read more
DeepMind says reinforcement learning is ‘enough’ to reach general AI
Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. In their decades-long chase to create artificial intelligence, computer scientists have designed and developed all kinds of complicated mechanisms and technologies to replicate vision, language, reasoning, motor skills, and other abilities associated with intelligent life. While these efforts have... Read more
TikTok’s Trump problem is now TikTok’s Biden problem
It’s official: Biden has reversed Trump’s executive order banning TikTok in the United States, bringing to a close a period of uncertainty over the immediate fate of the wildly popular social media app. But TikTok’s problems with the US government are far from over. On Wednesday morning, Biden issued... Read more
Mystery malware steals 26M passwords from 3M PCs. Are you affected?
Researchers have discovered yet another massive trove of sensitive data, a dizzying 1.2TB database containing login credentials, browser cookies, autofill data, and payment information extracted by malware that has yet to be identified. In all, researchers from NordLocker said on Wednesday, the database contained 26 million login credentials, 1.1... Read more
GM opens its OnStar Guardian service up to anyone with a smartphone
No GM ownership required now! OnStar Cadillac’s OnStar was one of the first in-car services to offer safety monitoring, turn-by-turn navigation and other safety features when introduced to Cadillacs way back in 1996. Now, 25 years later, it’s still trucking along, better than ever, and, according to an announcement... Read more
Help! How Do I Make Friends When My Coworkers Are Behind a Screen?
Dear OOO, I love working remotely, but I feel more isolated than ever. How do I make friends with my coworkers? My company switched to remote work during the pandemic, and no one is in a hurry to go back to the office anytime soon. That means I get... Read more
Qlik unveils Data Literacy 2.0 to educate enterprise users
Elevate your enterprise data technology and strategy at Transform 2021. Business analytics platform developer Qlik this week lifted the curtain on the comprehensive, paid version of its free Data Literacy program. Qlik’s Data Literacy 2.0 offers organizations instruction and training to help their workforce become more adept at analyzing,... Read more