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Best Buy now sells a $200 per year tech support subscription

Best Buy has launched a $200 per year subscription version of its Geek Squad service called Total Tech Support, which — despite the name — is anything but total, and is probably also a questionable value for tech support. The service offers subscribers 24/7 tech support over the phone or …

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Happy World Goth Day: an ode to the cybergoth dance meme

On September 7, 2011, the internet was blessed with a diamond in the rough: a home movie of a crew of German cybergoths gathered beneath a concrete overpass, enthusiastically demonstrating their best electro-industrial dancing skills. On this day, the 10th annual celebration of World Goth Day, we humbly thank them …

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Disney’s human-scale ‘Stickman’ robot can do backflips

Humans can be great acrobats, but what about Disney robots? Disney Research has one such human-scale robot — called Stickman, because it’s literally a robotic stick — that is capable of aerial acrobatics, like backflips. Just as certain human inventions take after nature (like body armor), it seems as if …

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