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CES 2019: Samsung TVs Score iTunes and a MicroLED Upgrade

Television hardware news can be a relatively sleepy affair; at a certain point, “big” begins to lose much meaning, and smart TVs in the age of Roku often seem redundant at best. And yet at CES this year, Samsung has managed meaningful developments on both fronts. First, in what will …

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Intel Lakefield Brings Its 3D Chip-Stacking Tech to Life

Three years ago, Intel engineer Wilfred Gomes and his colleagues sat down to decide how the future should look. The team had just finished its work on Intel’s next-generation high-performance and low-power processes, both of which would further shrink the company’s chip designs to new extremes. But the traditional route …

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CES 2019 Liveblog Day 1: News and Photos From CES in Las Vegas

Looking for the latest news? Tuesday’s liveblog is running live updates right now. Goodnight, CES That’s a wrap for Monday’s liveblog. On Tuesday morning, the expo halls open up to reveal miles and miles of sparkling, shimmering objects. We’ll be back Tuesday at 7am PST to bring you more live …

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CES 2019: All the Coolest Stuff We've Seen So Far

Temi Robot Usually, CES robots are a little sad, but Temi is different. Instead of pretending their robot can do a bunch of things it can’t, like hold a conversation, the team at Temi focused on the things it can. The Temi Robot has 16 sensors (including LiDAR) that help …

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Google's New Interpreter Mode Translates Your Conversation

Over the past year Google has been making its virtual assistant, the eponymous Google Assistant, more capable of handling what might usually be awkward or onerous conversations. Need to make a dinner reservation by picking up the phone and speaking to a real live human being? Google Assistant can do …

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Watch a Chinese probe land on the far side of the Moon

On January 2nd, China became the first country to land a spacecraft on the Moon’s far side (not the dark side) when its Chang’e-4 probe gently touched down the surface. Now, China’s space agency has released footage of the landing. The short video shows the robotic lander flying over the …

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Apple’s HomePod will be available in China on Friday

In December, Apple said that it would begin selling its HomePod smart speaker in China “early next year.” Today, the company revealed that the device will go on sale in China and in Hong Kong on Friday, January 18th. The company began selling the HomePod a year ago in the …

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