iPhone 16 Pro: release date and rumors iPhone 16 Pro: release date and rumors
It will come as no surprise that Apple is expected to be continuing its trend of releasing a Pro version of the latest iPhone.... iPhone 16 Pro: release date and rumors

It will come as no surprise that Apple is expected to be continuing its trend of releasing a Pro version of the latest iPhone. In 2024, that means we can expect an iPhone 16 Pro – and the rumor mill already has an idea of what and when to expect it.

When is the iPhone 16 Pro release date?

Forbes reports that we can expect to see the iPhone 16 Pro in the fall. Judging from the years that have come before, Apple tends to host its iPhone announcement events on one of the first Tuesdays of September. That means we can probably expect it on September 3 or September 10, in keeping with previous years.

Although that is still a few months away, there’s already a fair amount of rumors flying about what to expect from the iPhone 16 Pro, both in terms of aesthetic design and the specs beneath the casing.

iPhone 16 Pro design rumors

Multiple sources on MacRumors report that a key change between the iPhone 16 and the Pro (as well as the Max) will be the size. This will be the first significant size update that iPhones have had for several years, jumping from the iPhone 16’s 6.1 inches to 6.3 inches for the Pro. The Pro Max is believed to measure 6.9 inches, up from 6.7 inches on the iPhone 16 Max.

While the volume buttons will remain the same between the 16 and 16 Pro, Apple will reportedly add a whole new button, known currently as the Capture Button. This echoes existing designs from Samsung, Pixel, and other major smartphones. Found on the side of the iPhone next to the Power button, the Capture button will be mechanical but still respond to pressure and touch. That means it will enable users to zoom in and out by swiping on the button, adjust focus in a photo with a light touch, and activate the camera or start recording with a firm push.

Its position next to the Power button means that the 5G mmWave antenna for American users will have to move to the left side of the device, below the volume buttons.

Other than that, the Pro versions will follow the same design principles as the base versions. Apple has been leaning into the titanium frames they’re known for since the release of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, the company is making sure everyone knows what metal is in the handset with the rumoured colours that the iPhone 16 Pro will come in: Natural Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium and Black Titanium.

iPhone 16 Pro spec rumors

Of course, what most Apple fans want to know is exactly what will be new in terms of functionality. Will it be worth the predictable price jump?

What is reported so far is that Apple is designing new A-series chips for the iPhone 16 Pro models, built on the latest N3E 3-nanometer node. That means the upgraded handset should offer improvements for both efficiency and performance, although there aren’t many practical details on what this could mean.

There are also whispers of Apple laying the groundwork for improved AI capabilities. With both the A18 chip and the next-generation M4 chip for Mac, the iPhone 16 Pro could be coming out at the forefront of smartphone AI capabilities.

What’s more, reliable Apple leaker Kosutami shared a look at the metal shell of what’s believed to be the iPhone 16 Pro, revealing that Apple could be shifting towards a frosted interior casing, rather than its usual glossy finish. While this casing change wouldn’t be for aesthetic purposes, being hidden by the exterior for all intents and purposes, it does mean that Apple could be putting more effort into thermal management, reducing the chance of overheating handsets.

This comes just a few weeks after Kosutami also reported that “Apple is actively working on graphene thermal system of iPhone 16 Series to solve the heating problem existing before”. If the leaker is to be believed, Apple appears to be heavily focusing on managing issues with overheating.

In addition, Kosutami reports a battery capacity of 3,355mAh. While this is only a slight improvement on the iPhone 15 Pro, this could represent as much as a 25% difference in battery life. That’s a pretty sizable difference for anyone who finds their iPhone seems to die not long after leaving the house

In previous years, camera upgrades have also represented a substantial change from base to Pro versions of iPhones. Many consumers are motivated to buy due to cosmetic changes and perceive improvements in photography, so we can likely expect some sort of new features or performance in the camera as well. However, it’s possible that box has already been ticked by the Capture button.

iPhone 16 Pro price rumors

The best measure of how much we can expect the iPhone 16 Pro to cost is comparing iPhone 15 and 15 Pro prices. Upon release, there was a $200 price increase for the Pro handset. By that marker, we can likely expect the iPhone 16 Pro to sit between $999 and $1,099 for 128GB and between $1,099 and $1,199 for 256 GB.

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