Best rhythm and music games for the Meta Quest 3 Best rhythm and music games for the Meta Quest 3
A soon as VR made its emergence into the mainstream a decade ago long before Quest 3, there were music and rhythm games at... Best rhythm and music games for the Meta Quest 3

A soon as VR made its emergence into the mainstream a decade ago long before Quest 3, there were music and rhythm games at the forefront of the offering. Capturing the feel of crazy games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero, VR music games could put you there. You could play your guitar on a stage in front of thousands if you wished, even though you remained well and truly in your bedroom.

But have they come on in all this time? Now we have the Quest 3 what are the best rhythm and music games out there today? We have already covered getting fitter using your Quest 3, and there is a crossover here – these are the games that get you active without even realizing it. Fortnite does not do that. So here we are going to look at four of the music games we are playing, and in some cases, still playing after all these years.

Best Quest 3 rhythm and music games

Beat Saber

Beat Saber has sold a lot of VR headsets and definitely sold a lot of Quests. This was the first game to really get music games in VR. It transported you to somewhere else – this sort of Tron-esque electro zone where the only thing that mattered was slicing cubes in very specific directions with your Light Sabers.

Even though they can’t call them Light Sabers because of the law, they are aren’t they? Wielding them, hearing them fizz when you touch them together and flail about remains one of the most exhilarating virtual reality experiences you can have.

As you get better and better with practice, you can start to think about adding new song packs from the likes of Daft Punk, Lady Gaga, and Queen. You already can imagine We Will Rock You, can’t you? Amazing stuff.


This is one of my favorite VR games of the moment, and when it comes to rhythm games it is amazing. The premise is different from most, you are in charge of a Viking Longship and every beat of your drums with your massive hammers makes the Vikings pull a stroke of the oar. The idea is to win races by hitting the drums on time. Sounds a bit mad. It is but it just works.

The music is a highly acquired taste being largely different formats of metal, but there is pirate metal and sea shanties a plenty and even if you aren’t into the style of music (and I certainly am not!) it all just fits together so well you will definitely enjoy yourself and go for just one more round.


Pianovision screenshot

We mentioned this one in our best experiences for the Quest 3 and here it is, fittingly in the music games round-up.

Pianovision is a game that actually teaches you piano, even if you don’t have one, placing a virtual keyboard on your desktop where you have to hit the notes as they fly at you, a bit like they do in Beat Saber but more akin to Mozart rather than Daft Punk.

It’s very well put together and some really relaxing fun, and you weirdly actually do start to pick up how to play on a real keyboard, which you can also use, just by the simple act of repetition.

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is a popular game and it is easy to see why. Think Superhot VR but with a fast beat Saber vibe with dodging and shooting in time with the music.

The old gamer in me wants to say it’s a bit like Virtua Cop meets Space Channel 5 (one of my fave rhythm games also, and available on the Quest), but it’s way cooler than that.

This is another game that urges you to have one more go and then all of a sudden you realise you are sweating and your battery is running out.


The strangely named Paraddle is a percussion simulator rather than a rhythm game as such. You can create your own range of instruments, much like Virtuoso, and choose your environment – you can position yourself in a smoky old jazz bat should you wish and watch the patrons sip on espresso martinis while they take in the ambiance.

Any percussion is fair game here, from Xylophones to steel drums, you can have a crack at anything and it’s super fun to do so. You can easily flick Paradiddle into Mixed Reality too so you can have the drum kit in your own lounge and stay friendly with your neighbors.


There are many more options when it comes to this genre for the Quest 3 and you may well have your own favorites, but if you haven’t tried any of the above, they are well worth a look.

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