InMotion V11 EUC Review: Smoothest Ride, On or Off Road InMotion V11 EUC Review: Smoothest Ride, On or Off Road
The InMotion V11 is an electric unicycle (EUC) that offers a powerful and versatile riding experience. It features a durable design with a large... InMotion V11 EUC Review: Smoothest Ride, On or Off Road

The InMotion V11 is an electric unicycle (EUC) that offers a powerful and versatile riding experience. It features a durable design with a large 18.3-inch wheel and an adjustable air suspension. Suspension on an EUC is a rarity but worth seeking out because it allows riders to customize their experience based on the terrain or personal preference. And, in the case of the V11, the suspension and its large wheel combine for a more comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and vibrations from uneven surfaces. 

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Joseph Kaminski

Admittedly, EUCs aren’t for everyone, and the V11’s $1,869 price isn’t exactly beginner-friendly. Instead, I recommend the InMotion V5 model, which can get up to 12 mph and at $600, costs considerably less. Plus, it has lower footpads, making it ideal for beginners who might not be as surefooted as experienced riders. However, if you’re ready to jump right in with both feet, so to speak, the V11 is an excellent choice.


Considering its larger wheel size and robust build, the InMotion V11 is relatively heavy compared to other EUC models. At around 60 pounds (27 kilograms), it’s less portable than smaller EUCs but can support a total payload of approximately 300 pounds. If, by chance, the load exceeds the wheel’s supported weight, it’ll let you know with a beeping sound and, in some cases, verbal feedback. I wouldn’t recommend pushing it past these warnings because you are on a single-wheel device and risk falling on your face or back if pushed beyond the wheel’s threshold. 

The author riding the inmotion v11.

Joseph Kaminski

The EUC also features large, comfortable foot pedals for greater stability and grip while riding. The suspension along with the large wheel raises riders up so you sit higher than on many other EUCs. This is great for seeing over cars and for sharp turns.

It has front- and rear-responsive LED lights that enhance your visibility, making it safer for riding in low-light conditions or at night. It comes with a retractable trolley handle too, so you can walk it around instead of trying to carry it. Its foldable foot pedals make it easier to carry and store when not in use. 

The V11 being carried by its handle.

The V11 being carried 

Joseph Kaminski


The V11 runs on a 2,200-watt motor, providing strong acceleration and allowing for a top speed of up to 34 mph (unlockable in InMotion’s companion mobile app). I hit 35 mph and put just under 400 miles on the V11 without any problems. Powering the V11 is a 1,500-watt-hour, 84-volt battery. It has two charging ports that, when used with two chargers, can fully charge the V11 in 5 hours; you can expect it to take about 10 hours with a single charger. 

A person pointing out the V11's charge ports and USB-A port.

Rear shot of the two charge ports and USB-A port

Joseph Kaminski

The V11 ships with a hand pump and nozzle extender. The pressure settings are variable, according to a rider’s weight, and these are listed both in the V11’s documentation and on a sticker at the bottom of the footpad. 

InMotion offers a user-friendly control interface through its iOS/Android mobile app, allowing riders to monitor various parameters, customize riding modes and access firmware updates. Using the V11’s built-in Bluetooth, you can connect wirelessly to it with a phone and use the app to track your rides, view battery status and control certain settings. There’s also a single USB-A port for charging mobile devices. 


They may look intimidating, but EUCs aren’t difficult to learn to ride. Not as easy as an electric scooter, but controlling the V11 is done simply by transferring your weight. Leaning left or right steers you in those directions, while accelerating and braking or reversing are performed by shifting from your toes to your heels. It’s just a matter of your body getting used to the mechanics, and it becomes as natural as riding a bike. Once you do, it’s like gliding across the pavement. 

I am a big guy, and I was impressed with how well it performed during takeoffs and braking. After maxing out the tire and suspension pressure, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the V11 handled bumps and wet surfaces. I’ve heard stories about some riders getting bounced up on the footpads, but that wasn’t the case for me.

Showing off the V11’s air suspension.

Joseph Kaminski

Overall, the InMotion V11 is a high-tier electric unicycle with exceptional performance, comfort and safety features. While it may be pricier than others, including the company’s V5 model, it provides a versatile riding experience suitable for urban commuting and off-road adventures. If you’re looking for a high-quality EUC with excellent performance and reliability, the InMotion V11 is worth considering.

Riding off into the distance.

Joseph Kaminski

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